Support Services Physiotherapy

Main Objective 

To optimally improve each learner’s functional participation in everyday activities, classroom activities, games (e.g. with friends, playground, etc) and sport.

Candidates for Physiotherapy

Learners presenting with physical problems, e.g. cerebral palsy, physical barriers and certain learners with minimal neurological dysfunction and developmental co-ordination disorder (e.g. balance, co-ordination, concentration, motor and/or perceptual barriers).

Therapeutic Intervention

Therapeutic Intervention are rendered in the following ways (A combination of treatment modalities can also be used):

    • Individual sessions (frequency is determined by the severity of the dysfunction / barriers)
    • Group sessions (Learners with similar barriers are grouped together. Maximum learners in a specific group = 6)
    • Teamwork: Consultations with Teachers, other therapeutic services, parents, hostel staff, etc.
    • Liaising with physicians, e.g. Orthopaedic Surgeon, Orthotic / Prosthetic splints and appliances; or
    • Home programmes