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Our Mission

We follow a multidisciplinary team approach and as a resource centre we provide support and training opportunities to the broader community


Our aim is to fully develop the potential of learners at Paarl School and as a resource centre to serve the broader community of learners with special educational needs

“I do not have a dis-ability, I have a different-ability”

Robert M. Hensel

Value System

We implemented our own unique value system. It forms part of our code of conduct and links in to our Pearl Club reward system.

Our school focus yearly on the following values:

  • Respect (first term – yellow)
  • Responsibility (second term – green)
  • Care (third term – red)
  • Courage (fourth term – blue)

Each value is associated with a specific colour. The value for the term is introduced during an assembly and learners are encouraged to wear the associated colour. These values will continuously be applied and reinforced at school.


Paarl School


Educators & Therapists

Supporting Staff

The name of a well known town in the Western Cape was used to give Paarl School its name. In the sixties a group of parents and other concerned people, started to dream of a school for neutrally handicapped children. These group of people resided in the Paarl. Little did they know of the impact the concept of “paarl” (Dutch for pearl) would have on the school and the learners. The image of a pearl being released from the shell of an oyster, could not be more apt for what happens at
school. Just as the starfish uses its tentacles to force open the shell of the oyster to bring forth the beautiful and precious pearl, the staff, parents, friends of the school
and a legion other role players work in tandem to harvest the astonishing gem. A
gem that must fulfil their role in their family, community and country. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gain through experience. Paarl School is a harvester of pearls and therefor for more than a school.

JNC Kruger


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