Medical Services

Support Services Medical Services

The following medical services are rendered at Paarl School:

  • A permanent registered nurse and staff nurse give daily chronic medicine and provide woundcare, treatment of minor ailments and basic first aid to learners
  • Quarterly visit by a state paediatrician from Tygerberg Hospital
  • Provision of Day Hospital medical prescriptions following the visit to the paediatrician
  • Dental services – yearly dental care training and screenings from Dental Hygienist, with referrals of learners in Gr. R-3 and P1-6
  • Monthly visit by an Orthopaedic surgeon and an orthotist/prosthotist, organised by physiotherapy department
  • Yearly deworming services provided by the Department of Health yearly for Gr. R-7 and P1-6
  • Yearly immunisation services provided by the Department of Health
  • Annual visit by Genetics as provided by Tygerberg Hospital
  • Family planning services

Orthopaedic Clinics

Learners who require Orthopaedic attention, e.g. splints, assistive devices and/or surgery, are seen by the visiting Orthopaedic surgeon and/or orthotist/prosthetist. The Orthopaedic clinic is arranged once a month by the physiotherapists. The relevant physiotherapist is present during these consultations and, where possible, also the parents of the learner.

The clinic also liaises with physicians, e.g. an Orthopaedic Surgeon to obtain orthotic / prosthetic splints, appliances, etc.