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Learning Support

Learning problems and learning deficits influence the complete being of a child. This can result in a lack of self-confidence and a low self-esteem. Through Learning Support these learners are given the opportunity to reach their full potential by providing scholastic support to overcome deficits.  At Paarl School this includes the following services:


The Learning Support teacher is part of the evaluation team and collaborates with the other disciplines to identify specific problems a learner may experience. They establish which learning goals have already been achieved and plan effective support to enable the learner to achieve specific learning objectives according to his/her unique learning style.

Remedial Teaching

Learners who qualify for Remedial Teaching are those who experience a deficit in scholastic skills due to factors within themselves or environmental factors. Those learners requiring an unique approach are seen individually. Learners who experience similar problems with the same skills, e.g. language, reading, spelling and numeracy, are seen in groups.

Group Therapy (TIPS)

Group therapy is used to render assistance to whole class groups. The focus is on the development of language, reading and writing skills and scholastic problems commonly experienced with the integration of oral and written work.

Study Methods

Learners are assisted to acquire methods to successfully reproduce information according to their unique learning styles.

Study Support

Presenting the learning contents of the different learning areas electronically using mixed media to support learners with learning difficulty.

Assessment Accommodations

Supporting learners experiencing problems regarding reading, written language, as well as those with serious writing and spelling problems during formal assessment.

Use of technology

Learners are encouraged to make use of available technology to minimise the impact of learning challenges. This includes assistive devices, computers and tablets. Software in both English and Afrikaans empower learners with reading and writing challenges to work independent.