Social Services

Support Services Social Services

Social Worker

The school employs the services of a school based social worker.

The following services are rendered to our families:

  • Liaise with parents/guardians where financial difficulties influence learner development and support the family by making use of support systems within the school as well as community structures.

  • Provides emotional support to learners and their families where trauma in the family (illness, divorce, death, unstable family, etc) hinders scholastic development.

  • Investigate all reports of bully behaviour, gives feedback and support.

  • Handles all reports of deliberate neglect, abuse and sexual violation by managing the process of reporting to the designated authorities. Follow up and gives support.

  • Parental guidance in coordination with the psychologists.

  • Provides family therapy when necessary.

  • Provides individual therapy to the learner when necessary.

  • Support and liaise with social service providers where learner was placed in alternative care.

  • Address the issue of substance abuse by the learner by involving the family and referring when necessary.

  • Conducts therapeutic groups for learners where emotional and social intelligence are taught.
  • Forms part of the multi-disciplinary team in all aspects of learner development and support.

Emotional Support

Paarl School offers a wide network of emotional support services, providing emotional support to learners, staff members and parents.

Examples of these services include the following:

  • Reach for a Dream
  • Chat sessions for learners – full time person available to chat to learners
  • Birthday “surprises”
  • Feeding Project
  • Second hand clothes Project
  • Annual function to thank the donors and benefactors of this faculty
  • “Time Out” facility – full time person available to oversee learners in a dedicated area