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Our Mission

A resource centre in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town where the neurally disabled child is guided, supported and assisted to, despite disadvantages and learning disabilities, reach their full potential.

Paarl School subscribes to a Christian ethos with Afrikaans and English as teaching languages.

I do not have a dis-ability, I have a different-ability
Robert M. Hensel


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Value System

Last year we implemented our own unique value system. It forms part of our code of conduct and links in to our Pearl Club reward system.

Our school will focus on the following values in 2016:

  • Respect (first term – yellow)
  • Responsibility (second term – green)
  • Care (third term – red)
  • Courage (fourth term – blue)

Each value is associated with a specific colour. The value for the term is introduced during an assembly and learners are encouraged to wear the associated colour. These values will continuously be applied and reinforced at school. It will be appreciated if you reinforce these values at home as well.

This term we will focus on “respect”:

  • Make eye contact during conversations.
  • How to address adults: “Yes, Miss/Mam”, “Thank you, Sir”.
  • Greeting: “How are you? Good, thank you Miss”.
  • Boys must allow girls to enter first through doors.
  • Learners must allow educators to enter first through doors.